Welcome to Napa Beach Bubbles Bar

Our Story

Eric and Jennifer Metz had a dream of opening a bar, here is a glimpse into their journey…

We first came to Cocoa Beach after visiting my Dad (Jennifer) in Orlando at the Lake Nona Veterans home various times throughout the year. My husband, Eric, was never crazy about Orlando, but as a California Boy, he has always loved the beach.

One day we decided to go on a road-trip to get out of Orlando, so Eric pulled out a map and decided to pick a destination at random. It just so happened that he landed on Coconuts on the Beach, a well-known tourist destination in Cocoa Beach. So we hopped in our car and made the drive out to Cocoa Beach, and it only took a few hours to realize how truly special the area was. I lived in Miami through junior high and high school and was aware that there were some special places in Florida, but Cocoa Beach took it to another level for us! Our immediate love for the area led us to begin looking at real estate in the area, and before long we found a great place near downtown Cocoa Beach. Our plan was to keep our cottage in Napa, and spend one month out there, and one month in Cocoa Beach. Being empty-nesters, we felt like we could have the best of both coasts!

After retiring from a corporate job, I started dreaming about pursuing my passion: Napa and sparkling wines. Eric, having owned his own business in California, and having his own passion for craft beer and whiskey, wanted to combine our interests. In Napa, we have friends with bars whom we love and miss, which led us to thinking, “wouldn’t it be cool if we could bring a little Napa to the beach”? So, with this thought heavy on our hearts, we bought a bar! We met Patti and Rick (the former owners of Casablanca for 10 years) and instantly knew we had found the perfect place to build the bar of our dreams!

Our first mission after buying the bar was to transform it into something that combines our vision and experience in Napa bars, but still keeping the culture and vibe of Cocoa Beach. How did we marry those two ideas? By truly living up to our motto: “Where Napa meets the beach”! Some of the comfort of a living room and the finishes that are reminiscent of Napa – yet still creating our own unique experience! For us, that’s trying to bring the cool beach vibe with some Napa thrown in. We know that Cocoa Beach has something special that Napa will never have – beautiful beaches, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets over water, waves, sand and a laid back/chill community.

We hope to bring in our friends in the Napa spirits and wine industries to let them share their passion from agriculture all the way to production. Our unique tasting experiences will be available to our local friends in the community as well as visitors from out of town.

Napa Beach Bubbles Bar is the culmination of our vision of focusing on the local community, and our passion for spirits. We wanted to provide a light, airy, comfortable place to come together with friends and family to try some new things (or old favorites), hear about how and where they came from, play games, participate in events and have a great time! It’s important that we share and collaborate with other local businesses to bring you the finest, fun-est experience in Downtown Cocoa Beach!